Alopecia: 6 steps to stop hair loss (by dermatologist)

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Alopecia: 6 steps to stop hair loss (by dermatologist)

Alopecia or hair loss can take away your confidence by impacting your looks. In this article, we are sharing dermatologist recommended 6 steps to stop your alopecia or hair loss. These 6 steps will help in nourishing and strengthening hair roots and in long run, stop your alopecia or hair fall.

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Step 1: Put hair re-growth oil

You should put hair regrowth oil from roots to tip, overnight in case of dry hair type or 1 hour before hair wash in case of oily hair types.


Why? Research shows that pumpkin seed oil, emu oil and green tea especially help in stopping the progression of Male pattern baldness by inhibiting the activity of 5 alpha-reductase enzyme.

How? Add the following ingredients that to 200 ml of StBotanica 10 In 1 Bioactive Hair Oil hair oil and prepare your own Hair regrowth oil for men:

STEP 2: Wash your hair with shampoo

Scientifically shampoo cannot help in hair regrowth because the contact time of shampoo with scalp is for few minutes only. Anyways you have to use shampoo, then, why not hair regrowth shampoo? They might help to some extent by providing hair regrowth ingredients.


STEP 3: Use conditioner from root to tip

Ideally, conditioner should be applied on the strands only, however, putting conditioner enriched with hair re-growth ingredients on the roots might help.


STEP 4: Apply hair regrowth serum on the roots

Hair regrowth serum contains biopeptides and natural extracts that help in hair regrowth by stimulating the germinative centre of the hair. These are to be applied to hair roots. These serums SHOULD NOT BE USED ON STRANDS because the ingredients have to seep into your hair roots and help in hair regrowth.


STEP 5: Take Hair re-growth supplement for 3 months

Our research shows hair supplement to induce hair re-growth should contain vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Interestingly, Biotin does not have any role in hair regrowth. We have summarised the best brands of hair supplement in this article.

STEP 6: Change your lifestyle

Diet and lifestyle are the keys to induce hair regrowth. We have summarized the lifestyle tips in the following video:

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