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3 Best Aloe vera gel without harmful additives I Dermatologist pick

Are you looking for a dermatologist-recommended Aloe Vera gel? …

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Top 3 Pros and Cons Of Whitening Your Teeth

Written By Dr Surbhi, MD Skin Last updated: 24/07/21 …

Turmeric for skin
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Turmeric for skin: 15 benefits with recipes from Dermatologist

Turmeric or to be more precise its active principles …

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Basil health benefits- know from dermatologist

Tulsi plant has been a trusted remedy for several …

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10 green tea skin benefits- know from dermatologist

“Doctor, what are green tea skin benefits? Does drinking green tea helps …

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Hibiscus Tea Benefits- Cup A Day Might Keep Heart Attack Away

My research on benefits of Hibiscus for skin, revealed …

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5 Reasons To Eat Ghee Or Clarified Butter Daily

“Do you hate Ghee? Even I did, but I …

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