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Which is best moisturiser for night- know form dermatologist


Which is best moisturiser for night- know form dermatologist

“Doctor Which is the best moisturiser for the night? Should I use anti-aging cream or skin lightening cream? Should I use serum, cream or lotions at night?” Night is the time when your skin can imbibe maximum benefit of moisturizer without exposure to extraneous factors like make-up, water, sun, pollution or dust. It also reinforces the habit of cleaning your face just before sleep.

Depending on the key concern of your skin, you can choose skin whitening or anti-aging creams, or sometimes you might need anti-acne or anti-inflammatory medications. In this article, we help you take an intelligent decision when it comes to choosing the best moisturiser for the night, based on how oily your skin is and what are your key skin concerns.

Should I use serum, cream or lotions at night?

The base of moisturiser depends on how oily your skin is. Briefly, dry skin needs thick formulations like creams, and oily skin needs lotion/serums/gels. For details read, Which Moisturiser should I buy?

Is there any significance of packing of night cream?

We recommend airtight pump bottle/tube packing over the open jar because most of potent anti-wrinkle or skin-lightening ingredients lose their potency on exposure to air.

How do I choose my night cream?

The choice of night cream depends on the main face concern; to start with we address:

  • Sensitivity: It is important to settle the red and irritated skin before starting skin-lightening or anti-ageing creams. Each time your skin is irritated, it is crying out “Leave me alone”. Discontinue all the skin care products, cosmetics and even medicinal creams prescribed by a dermatologist. Skincare will only involve washing skin with non-soap cleansers meant for sensitive skin followed by a bland moisturiser without active ingredients both during the day and at night. If above does not help, see a dermatologist. Checkout, Dermatocare Review on Moisturisers that might suit sensitive skin.
  • Pimples: Black/white heads and few pimples here and there might respond to oil control face wash besides gel or lotion with anti-acne agents like tea tree oil, salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, etc. However, dermatologist consultation is recommended for patients with many red pimples or even for single large pimple and also in that pimple heal leaving dark spots or scar. Checkout, Dermatocare reviews on top anti-acne products
  • Pigmentation: Here are some points to consider while looking for skin lightening cream:
    • Look for words like “skin lightening” or “whitening” on the label.
    • Scan the label for skin lightening ingredients like kojic acid, liquorice extract, niacinamide, glycolic acid, etc.
    • If over the counter creams do not help, better fix an appointment with your Dermatologist for prescription of more affordable yet stronger skin lightening creams.
    • Checkout, Dermatocare Reviews on Top Skin lightening creams
  • Wrinkles: Once the pimples and pigmentation are handled and the skin is calm, start anti-ageing cream. Retinoid, the time-tested anti-ageing ingredient can be used for oily skin, but dry skin types should prefer peptide-based anti-wrinkle cream. Checkout, Dermatocare Reviews on Top Anti-aging creams

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