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Which Spa Treatment Is Best?


Which Spa Treatment Is Best?

We all wonder which spa treatment is best and is there any benefit of getting a spa done. Spa treatments are not only relaxing but also therapeutic. Let us see what spa expert with experience of 10 years, Lacey Tierney has to say about “Which Spa treatment is best?” Over to Lacey!

What are the benefits of Spa treatments?

Lacey Tierney: Spa treatments have been around for centuries. There are a variety of body treatments spas provide but the most common ones you will find are body wraps using seaweed or mud and full body exfoliation treatments (sometimes known as “body polishing”).

The benefits of a body wrap are profound because it helps to remove toxins from the body, increase blood circulation, softens rough skin and even helps in losing weight. Body exfoliation treatments will also help to increase blood circulation, improve elasticity and remove dry dead skin.

Which Spa treatment is best?

Lacey TierneySeaweed and mud wraps are particularly one of the best spa treatments. Seaweed is packed full of proteins, vitamins, minerals and lipids that easily soak in and moisturize your skin. Seaweed is applied to the skin in the form of a thick paste after which the skin is wrapped in plastic to keep the body warm. This process detoxifies the body by creating it to sweat and eliminate impurities. Impurities are later rinsed away by warm water.

Mud wraps follow the same procedure using mud rather than seaweed. There are different types of mud that are beneficial, but the most common used at spas are mud from the deep sea, and moor mud. Deep-sea mud contains more than twenty types of salts and minerals which include Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium Bromide, Silicates, Natural Tar and other organic elements. Deep-sea mud has been known to help heal skin disorders and increase blood circulation as well as cleanse and soften skin. On the other hand, moor mud has been produced over thousands of years from organic residue of flowers, herbs and grass which contain vitamins, Fulvic acids, Amino acids, Humic acids and plant hormones that are easily absorbed by the skin. Moor mud is known to nourish, heal and detoxify the body. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits. All body wraps have the potential to aid in weight-loss because of the detoxification process by sweating. This helps to rid water weight from the body while eliminating toxins.

Body exfoliation treatments use either a salt or sugar to scrub away dead skin cells. This helps in smoothing rough and dry skin, promotes healthy new cell growth, helps elasticity and circulation and leaves the skin soft and glowing.

Who should avoid spa treatments?

Lacey Tierney: Spa treatments should not be performed if you are pregnant, nursing, have heart or thyroid problems, or are going through any cancer treatments.  Extra caution should be taken if you are allergic or have sensitivity to mud, seaweed, algae, clay, aromatherapy oils, scented lotions and body balms. As body treatments can contain these ingredients.

What are therapeutic benefits of Spa treatments?

Lacey Tierney: Massage is always incorporated in body treatments using oils like aroma therapy, or scented lotions and body balms. Massage is very therapeutic and can help to relieve stress, headaches and muscle pains in addition to the benefits the mud or seaweed provides.

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