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Diwali Special Skin Care Tips: From Dermatologist(Dermatocare)

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Diwali Special Skin Care Tips: From Dermatologist(Dermatocare)

We all sure do love Diwali, it is the most awaited festivals in India, but with it, comes loads of running around, shopping, cleaning of the house to making it “guest ready”, parties and get-togethers, lots of sweets & goodies, less sleep and majorly passive stress (when you don’t even realize you are stressed and body is asking for rest & care).

Sadly, your skin gets subjected to dust, pollutants, chemicals and smoke particularly on Diwali day, besides getting dry and dehydrated due to the start of winters. So, while you spruce up for the festive season take a little “time out” from the stressful schedule because you and your skin need it. In this article, Dr Rajat Kandhari, Consultant Dermatologist discusses the following Diwali special skincare tips:


1. Cleansing

With Diwali comes a lot of running around resulting in dust and grime settling on your skin. Few things which you could do is keep your wet wipes handy and also carry a micellar solution. This will not only rehydrate your skin but also keep it looking fresh, healthy and clean. For those with particularly oily skin, a good facial scrub once or twice a week would be a good idea.


2. Moisturisers

Since winters have just begun the humidity in the air dips so your skin would be shrivelled and dry – choose a good moisturiser depending on your skin type:


3. Makeup

Diwali comes with its share of get-togethers and parties and hence the need to use a lot of make-up. Use good quality makeup and choose what suits you rather than “branded” makeup. A waterproof mascara, eyeliner and transfer-resistant lipsticks to avoid smudging and staining and a mousse based foundation might suffocate your skin. “ALWAYS” remember to cleanse your make up before you hit the bed, else you are going to end up clogging all your pores, resulting in a breakout. Use water based cleansers, particularly for sensitive skins (Sensibio H2O by Bioderma is a good one).


4. Home Remedies

For those who believe in home remedies, oats (grind them) with a pinch of turmeric (antiseptic) and little honey paste would help as a good pack. Use the pack for 10 mins or so every few days. One could also use a milk and honey pack as milk contains lactic acid which helps to hydrate the skin and also acts as a mild peeling agent, thereby giving the skin a brighter look.


5. Balance your calories

Lots of sweets, drinks and merry making goes without saying we need to balance out our calories during the festive season. Fill yourself with salads and fresh seasonal fruits particularly on parties and steer clear from the fried foods. What you eat reflects not only on your skin and hair but also on your belly.  A handful of dry fruits every day particularly almonds and walnuts would do one good not only during this season but the rest of the year as well.

6. Cosmetic Procedures

For those who want to spruce up the glam quotient, there are procedures such as microdermabrasion and chemical peels or “party peels” as they are know are a good idea as they give that much-needed glow and yet are safe. For a fresher and rejuvenated look mesotherapy treatments with hyaluronic acid adds to a fresher looking you.


Dr Rajat Kandhari completed his MBBS from Pune University and his MD in Dermatology from Sri Ramachandra University and Medical College, where he topped the University. He has authored various articles in national textbooks and national journals and is the recipient of the EADV fellowship award, the International Congress of Dermatology Global Education Award, The Imrich Sarkany Memorial Scholarship and the Prof Patrick Yesudian award. He can be reached @


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