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How to get healthy skin- know from dermatologist

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How to get healthy skin- know from dermatologist

“Doctor, I always dream of flawless and radiant skin, please tell how to get the healthy skin?”

The basis for getting healthy skin is to understand the needs of your skin. Please join me in the journey to get healthy skin by watching this tutorial that helps you gain maximum beauty with minimal skincare:

Remeber that your skin speaks out loud what its needs but in a subtle way; all you have to do is keep your mind open to these little messages. The messages are simple, and the solutions are simpler, and the results are fabulous.

If your skin feels dry and tight, it is telling you to apply moisturiser.

You might have experienced a feeling of dryness and stretch on your skin especially on face and hands, what do you do? Ignore it until the skin starts flaking. The simple solution is to apply the moisturiser until your skin regains its shine. Do not wait to find the best moisturiser. Petroleum jelly, coconut oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, butter, ghee, etc. can be used to moisturise your body. Of course, your face needs special care, the product should be chosen according to skin type but applying a bland cold cream is a safe option. Chek out the list of products that can get rid of dry skin.

If your skin gets oily and greasy, it’s time for wiping oil off or a face wash.

The greasy and shiny look of the face is an indicator that your face needs clean up with either oil absorbing wipes or face wash, but do not wash your face more than three times a day. Also, change your face wash to transparent one specially formulated for oily skin types. Salicylic acid based face wash can be tried if your skin remains oily. A mild stretch and dryness of skin after face wash is expected, so do not moisturise your face immediately. If dryness persists beyond 15-30 minutes or is troublesome, then apply lotion based moisturiser rather than thick creams. Check out list of skincare products that can get rid of oily skin.


If your skin is getting tanned or sunburned, it is telling you to protect it from the sun.

Skin turns darker on exposure to the sun by secreting pigment called melanin. This melanin protects your skin from damage caused by harmful UV rays. This is the reason darker skin types who tan easily experience less sunburn and skin cancers. However, the darker skin might miss sunburn because the tanned skin hides the red colour of burnt skin. On the other hand, white skin that lacks the ability to form protective melanin can get sunburn and skin cancers more often. In either of the cases, your skin is telling you to seek shade. Tanning or sunburn are common during beach holidays and are an indicator of using sunscreens more stringently or avoiding the bright mid-day sun altogether. How about enjoying the beautiful sunrise and sunsets rather than burning your skin in the mid-day sun? Check out list of products that can get rid of pigmentation.

If your skin is burning, stinging or red, it is begging leave me alone.

It is a myth that the product that stings are better for your skin. Any product that causes continued redness, burning or even stinging should be washed immediately. Your skin sends red signals when it is in danger, and you unknowingly think it is enjoying. Some degree of stinging is expected when you use harsh products like toner, bleach or hair removing creams, but do not wait until it is too late. Redness, irritation, burning that persist even after removal of the culprit product needs special SOS care as highlighted in the article, Sensitive skin- Handling the breakouts at home.  Check out, the list of products that are less likely to irritate your sensitive skin.


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