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How to relieve itching in eczema?

How to relieve itching in eczema?

Does your itch stop on scratching your skin? No, in fact, scratching makes your skin itchier, this is termed as the itch-scratch cycle. Scratching not only increases itching but also damages your skin that is trying to recover from eczema. I know you must be thinking how can you stop scratching? Follow these 10 tips to relieve eczema itch naturally:

1. Apply moisturizer:

As soon as you feel the itch sensation, apply a soothing moisturizing lotion. Do not wait until your itch gets irresistible. Keep a watch on your baby or child, if they are cranky and scratching their skin apply the moisturizing lotion immediately. You can try Cetaphil restoraderm moisturiser that has anti-inflammatory ingredient to soothe your itchy skin.

2. Pinch adjacent normal skin:

Pain stimulus is stronger than the itch stimulus; as soon as you pinch your brain forgets about itch temporarily. This the reason you keep on itching until your skin starts paining.

3. Do cold compresses:

Apply a soft cloth dipped in cold water or ice wrapped in cloth to the area of itching. This might ward off the itch for some time, but can be drying for your skin. Therefore, do not forget to moisturize your skin after cold compresses.

4. Wet wrap therapy:

Apply a layer of moisturizer on your skin and cover with a gauze soaked in water. Wrap and secure the wet gauze with any piece of clean long cloth. Leave for few hours and remove.

5.Engage yourself in some activity:

Why do you feel like itching when you are about to sleep? Just because your whole attention is diverted to the itchy patch, so engage yourself or your child in some activity that can divert your attention away from itching.

6. Keep the environment cool:

Itching is more common in hot weather, so keep your home cool and airy. However, avoid using excessive or central heating as it might dry your skin further. In winter, prefer cotton blankets to fluffy blankets that can catch dust.air-conditioner

7. Wear cotton clothes

Loose fitting cotton clothes that allow air circulation on your body are better than body hugging synthetic clothes. If possible, cover the eczema patches with a cloth to the reduce trauma caused by itching on the bare skin. In winters, prefer multiple layers of cotton clothing to thick woolen clothes.

8. Cut short your nails

Maximum damage from scratching is caused by trauma inflected by sharp nail to skin that is trying to recover. So, cut short nails and wear cotton gloves at night.

9. Take anti-histaminic:

If your itch is widespread or uncontrollable, please do not hesitant in taking anti-histaminic prescribed to you because they are harmless even if frequently taken under the supervision of the doctor. Most patients with eczema including babies might need many doses of antihistamines to stop the itching.

10. Use anti-itch lotions:

Though I do not recommend regular use of these anti-itch creams because this ingredient might not suit your eczema prone skin, you can use them once in a while.

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