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Make your skin care routine with Dr Surbhi, MD


Make your skin care routine with Dr Surbhi, MD

Doctor, which is the skin care routine is recommended by dermatologist?

There is no single best skin care routine. Each skin is different. Each skin deserves customised skin care regime. Who else, but a dermatologist can help you understand what is best for your skin!

I have experience of reviewing thousands of skin care products and have crafted skin care regime for hundreds of patients at my clinic.

I believe that skin care routine recommended by dermatologist can help in getting the best skin you deserve!

What are benefits of skin care routine recommended by dermatologist?

Dermatologist recommended skin care regime can help you in following ways:

  • balance your oil secretion so that your skin feels neither oily or dry.
  • address your skin issues like pimples, wrinkles, dark circles or pigmentation.
  • delay signs of ageing by providing anti-wrinkle cream that really works.

I make skincare regime for patients from India, United States and Canada. Interestingly lot of potent ingredients are OTC in United States and Canada. Right use of them can show results in NRI patients.

How to make skin care routine with Dr Surbhi, MD?

You can talk to Dr Surbhi in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: WA or call us on 7347594947 for booking online consult.
Step 2: Free (Pay Rs 1000 or 20$ after official launch) Why free? Because we are testing this model before official launch. While you get free consult, we learn to implement this model.
Step 3: Send us good quality photographs on WA. Fix time that suits for WA video call.

Where can I buy the skincare products?

There are 3 options:

  • You can buy skincare products at nearby chemist or supermarket.
  • We can provide you with links to buy skincare products online on,,
  • We can also courier products, if possible.

What will be cost of skin care products?

We will suggest skin care products that fits your budget. The minimum budget for skin care product including face wash, toner, sunscreen and night cream is Rs 2000! They might last 1-3 month depending on pack size.

Would my skin issues resolve?

Yes, Dr Surbhi would address your skin issues with the help of skin care regime.  If she feels that your skin issue needs medicines, she will give prescription for the same.

Can I opt, if my skin is healthy?

Yes! of course. Dr Surbhi would recommend you skincare products that can be used regularly to maintain the skin health and repair your skin from daily damage caused by pollution, UV rays and an unhealthy lifestyle..not to forget ageing!!!

How is skincare routine is crafted?

I believe in minimalist skin care regime that does not involve layering of skin care products. Cleansing, Tanning and moisturising is that all you need as explained in the video given below:

Your skin care regime depends on 2 factors- skin type and key skin concern.

Skin type

The choice of face wash and base of moisturiser is determined by your skin type. Watch this video to know your skin type:

Skin concern:

Your skin might have one or multiple issues, but they would mainly come under following subheadings- Acne, sensitivity, pigmentation, open pores, dark circles, and ageing. Watch this video to know which is your major skin concern:

Lastly, every skin is different. Therefore, I always look at good quality photographs and do a video call before crafting your skin care regime.

So what you are waiting, WA or call us 7347594947 for booking a call with Dr Surbhi, MD for your skin care routine.

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