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Red Light Therapy at Home I Dermatologist Guidelines 

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Red Light Therapy at Home I Dermatologist Guidelines 

Doctor, Can I use red light therapy at home?

Red and blue light therapy devices are available for home use across the globe. While they have a high safety profile, correct use and the right device are critical for getting results. 

Read further to know how to use red light therapy at home, its benefits, side effects, and treatment protocol. 

What is red light therapy?

Red light (633 nm) benefits the skin by boosting collagen synthesis, reducing inflammation, and improving circulation. According to experts, red light activates fibroblasts that, lead to collagen synthesis. 

Studies show that combining red and blue light reduces pimples after 4-12 weeks of therapy. However, it has minimal effects on white or blackheads.

What is blue light therapy?

Blue light works mainly on oil-secreting glands responsible for acne. Blue light helps in regulating your oil secretions. It also kills acne-causing bacteria. 

How to use red light therapy at home? 

LED light therapy comes in the form of wearable masks or independent units. While LED masks are easy to use, they sit close to your eye. Take special precautions to shield the eyes properly.

The LED devices used in salons or clinics come as an independent unit. They is no direct contact with skin or eyes. It is essential to wear safety glasses during treatment.  

Studies show that red light therapy should be used for 20 minutes at least twice a week. You might see results after four weeks, with maximum results at 12 weeks.

For acne-prone skin, use red light and blue light for 20 minutes each three days apart in a week. For example, if you take red light therapy on Sunday, then take blue light therapy on Thursday.

If you wish to reap anti-aging benefits, the two sessions of red light therapy for 20 minutes twice a week are apt for 12 weeks. 

What are the side effects of red light therapy?

Unlike peels or LASERS, LED light therapy is safe. It has minimal side effects. For example, avoid LED therapy if you have eye problems or are on medication that makes your eye sensitive to light.

Similarly, avoid Red light therapy if your skin is sensitive to visible light or if you take photosensitive medication.  

Avoid using LED therapy if you have some rash, redness, or itching without consulting a dermatologist. You might delay the diagnosis of skin problems, and LED therapy might aggravate your skin issues.

Rare burns with red light therapy units were reported because of prolonged use or faulty electrical circuits.

Which is the best red light therapy device?

It is best to look for FDA approved LED device if you’re living in the United States. 

Multiple LED devices are available in India, and commenting on their efficacy is difficult. 

To conclude, LED therapy can be used for acne and anti-ageing. The treatmen is safe if you follow protocol and precautions gven in this article. 


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