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Which is best moisturizer for my skin?


Which is best moisturizer for my skin?

“Doctor, should I buy lotion, serum or creams? Should I use the sunscreen, fairness cream or anti-wrinkle cream?” These simple questions make or break your skin; the right kind of moisturizer at the right time is what we call is the best moisturizer. It is needed to keep your skin young, radiant and healthy.

Which is the best moisturiser for my skin?

The general principle for deciding the formulation of moisturiser is ‘Thicker the consistency of moisturiser more is moisturising capacity, but also more are the chances that it will clog your pores.”

To understand the science behind moisturisers, please read, Moisturizers- understanding the basics. Briefly, the thickness of formulation is least in serum and gels, followed by lotions and creams; the thickest one is ointments.

In dry skin, you need thick formulations like creams and ointments to replenish lost natural moisturising factor.

Oily skin prone to black/white heads and open pores needs a moisturiser that is thin in consistency like serums, gels and lotion that do not clog pores and increase acne.

My skin is oily, should I still use moisturiser?

Oily skin has an abundance of natural moisturising factors, so it does not need a moisturiser from the external source. But they still need sunscreens, anti-wrinkle, fairness or anti-acne ingredients on their skin; here comes the role of thin moisturisers like lotion, gels, and serums. In the morning, oily skin type can either use sunscreens in lotion/gel base or choose to cover their face. At night, they can apply anti-acne/fairness/anti-wrinkle lotion/gel/serum. Check out the list of moisturiser for oily skin.

My skin is dry, how often can I apply moisturiser?

Your skin speaks out loud when it needs moisturiser, wondering how? When your skin feels dry and stretched; it is crying for moisturiser. So, each time when your feels dry, please put moisturiser no matter how many times in a day. In the morning, use sunscreen and repeat if needed. At night, use a thick cream for overnight hydration. Check out the list of moisturiser for dry skin.

My skin is oily in some areas and dry in others, how do I choose my moisturiser?

If certain areas of your face are dry and others oily or if your T-zone is oilier than your cheeks; then you can apply moisturiser in lotion base on the whole face. Re-apply the same lotion in areas of dryness only and skip the oily areas. Check out the list of moisturiser for combination skin.

Which type of moisturiser should I use in the morning?

Sunscreens if applied daily in the morning, protect against wrinkling, pigmentation, sensitivity and dryness. The base of sunscreen (lotion, gel, serum or cream) will depend on how oily your skin is as explained in the previous question. Check out Dermatocare Reviews on Top Sunscreens

How do I choose my night cream?

The choice of night cream depends on the critical area of concern for your face; to start with we address sensitivity if any. Once your skin is calm, we treat pimples and dark patches and at last wrinkles. For details read our blog, Night cream-how to choose?

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